Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc.

Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc. is a grassroots movement to educate, inform, and help protect agricultural producers. Founded by Agricultural Videographers Charlie and Shauna Rankin in 2020. Learn more about the creation, purpose, happenings, and partnerships of the nonprofit.

Sharing Agriculture

Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc. was established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in 2020 to confront the issue of connecting sustainable, regenerative, and humane agricultural producers (you) with consumers (your market) and educating farmers (your peers) on successful entrepreneurial models through educational documentary films.

The Issue We Face

The disconnect between consumers and where their agricultural goods come from has developed into an “Agriculture Culture” of industry consolidation, factory farm production, and in many cases environmental disregard. A quantity over quality mentality has disrupted the ability of many producers to remain competitive. Rural communities have economically suffered from the fallout of market participation of their local producers. Livestock welfare has suffered from congested mass production, and the environment has dwindled from platitudinous cultivation. Furthermore, consumers no longer have a connection to local food sources enhancing the risks of food supply chains.

The impacts of economic consolidation and poverty in agricultural production has led younger generations out of rural economic areas in search of prosperity elsewhere, further exacerbating the economic impacts and leaving an aging community behind to produce food resulting in greater risks to food security.

While mass production of our food supply may be necessary to feed the masses the impacts of these agricultural practices have overreached their good intentions.

Opportunities are Emerging with Change: Over the past decade a growing awareness for animal welfare, environmental restoration, and local food security has restored interest in stewardship and husbandry practices creating a new competitive market for entrepreneurial producers who were previously unable to compete in the industry. These “Agriprenuers” are becoming economic building blocks within their community as they provide a resource for humanely raised livestock, soil regenerating produce, and restore the participation of younger generations in agricultural production. 

Our Goals Are Simple

Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc. aims to assist with the growing trend reversals in the industry by educating farmers (large and small) on how to participate in the rising agricultural market place and further consumer awareness of the economical and ecological benefits of agriculture. The nonprofit is both an outreach and educational platform.
1- Educate Farmers on economical and marketing benefits of adapting good stewardship and husbandry practices.
2- Regain the interest of younger generations via video and media outreach with successful entrepreneurial concepts providing ambition and opportunity to return to agricultural roots.
3- Drive consumer interest in diversifying their purchasing decisions to include locally produced agricultural products.
4- Improve livestock welfare by highlighting humanely operated practices.
5- Restore land productivity through outreach and education of soil regenerating production methods.
6- Sustain food security by strengthening local food systems and restoring interest in our rural and urban agricultural communities.