Regenerative. Sustainable. Humane.

Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit confronting the issue of connecting sustainable, regenerative, and humane agricultural producers with consumers and educating farmers on successful entrepreneurial models through educational documentary films.

Our Goals

Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc. aims to assist with the growing trend reversals in the industry by educating farmers (large and small) on how to participate in the rising agricultural market place and further consumer awareness of the economical and ecological benefits of agriculture. The nonprofit is both an outreach and educational platform. 

1- Educate Farmers on economical and marketing benefits of adapting good stewardship and husbandry practices. 

2- Regain the interest of younger generations via video and media outreach with successful entrepreneurial concepts providing ambition and opportunity to return to agricultural roots.

3- Drive consumer interest in diversifying their purchasing decisions to include locally produced agricultural products. 

4- Improve livestock welfare by highlighting humanely operated practices. 

5- Restore land productivity through outreach and education of soil regenerating production methods. 

6- Sustain food security by strengthening local food systems and restoring interest in our rural and urban agricultural communities. 


Meet My Neighbor Productions is a producer of agricultural education content and films.

Feature Documentary: Native the Prodigies of an Icon

Farm Series

Feature films

Meet My Neighbor Productions produces feature documentary films, long and short, that share, inspire, and educate. Documentary films are an essential way of making an impact.


The Meet My Neighbor Farm Series is an educational and entertaining series designed to help educate and connect society with the producers of their food. Understanding sustainable agricultural production is essential to maintaining our food sovereignty and choice.


Meet My Neighbor Productions provides grants to help educate and develop life skills for youth in rural communities where fundraising and resources are scarce. We believe the investment in our future generations is up to us, not governments and foundations.

Our Team

Shauna Rankin

North Carolina

Shauna Rankin is the COO of Meet My Neighbor Productions as well as a lead videographer and Content Director.

Charlie Rankin

North Carolina

Charlie Rankin is CFO of Meet My Neighbor Productions as well as lead cinematographer and Creative Director.

Kaya Equevilley


Kaya fills many rolls, from picking up a camera in the field to assisting with all logistical support for onsite filming and social media.

Josh Dillard


Josh Dillard with Dillard Creative Media is our go to videographer for onsite filming assistance.


Welcome to the 21st century. Visual Media Story Telling is the most impressive way to make an impact. Since 2020, Meet My Neighbor Productions has filmed the stories of ranchers, farmers, indigenous people, conservation organizations, and numerous others in an effort to share Regenerative, Sustainable, and Humane agricultural practices with all of you. We can’t do what we do without your support.