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City Grown STL
St. Louis, MO.

Focus: Urban Sustainable Food Systems
Film Status: Filming Complete

Meet My Neighbor Productions’ “City Grown” episode for 2021 will focus on farms catering to the local food market of St. Louis, MO.
Featured Farms include:
Bee Simple City Farm
Hart Beet Farm
Such and Such Farm
Heru Urban Farm
A Red Circle
MoShrooms Regenerative Micro Farm
New Earth Farm

Special Thanks:
Tower Grove Farmers Market
Known and Grown STL
Growing Food Growing People

Durham Bison Ranch
Wright, WY

Focus: Regenerative Agriculture, American Bison
Film Status: Early Filming

The Flocchini legacy started as a small butcher in California. Over the years the family business grew into a full scale meat processing company. After moving the family business to Reno Nevada they eventually sold to Sierra Meat and Seafood. Today, the Durham Ranch Brand still produces high quality regeneratively raised meat, some of which comes directly from the families 55,000 acre holistically managed Bison Ranch in Wright, WY.


Dakota Pure Bison
Wood, SD

Focus: Regenerative Agriculture, Organic Agriculture
Film Status: Early Filming

The Assman Family has been farming and ranching in south-central South Dakota on the Rosebud Sioux Indian Reservation for four generations. Today, Mike, Darla, Scott and his wife Kaytlen, have sold all of their beef cows and run all bison.


Wind River Buffalo Conservation
The Wind River Reservation

Focus: Regenerative Nature, Conservation, Indigenous People
Film Status: Early Filming

Jason Baldes the Tribal Buffalo Coordinator for the National Wildlife Foundation is on a mission to restore lost lands along the Wind River the Shoshone and Arapahoe Tribes. Along with buying back lands, Jason is expanding the reservations conservation efforts to include wild free ranging Buffalo which will be managed through the reservations impressive Game Code program.


Restoring Lakota Food Sovereignty
The Rosebud Reservation

Focus: Food Desert, Food Sovereignty, Indigenous People
Film Status: Early Filming

On the Rosebud Reservation of South Dakota, the Rosebud Economic Development Corporation also known as REDCO is working hard at restoring food sovereignty to the Sicangu Lakota Oyate community.


The West Bijou Ranch
Strasburg, CO.

Focus: Regenerative Grazing
Film Status: Early Filming

For years the Savory Institute has worked around the world restoring fragile grasslands through holistic land management practices. 8 years ago the institute invested in 7800 acres along the West Bijou River on the Front Range of Colorado. Here a herd of Bison are doing the work of restoring lost carbon to the soil.


Bigelow Fields
Langtown, ME.

Focus: Regenerative Grazing
Film Status: Mid Filming

Nestled between 360 degree views of the Bigelow Mountains is Bigelow Fields Bison and Breadhouse. Operated by first generation ranchers, the Bigelow Fields episode focuses on a families determination to build a bison ranch and community resource.


Sankofa Farms LLC
Cedar Grove, NC.

Focus: Youth Outreach STEM, Beekeeping, Produce
Film Status: Early Filming

Since the summer of 2016 it has been the duty of Sankofa Farms to provide educational opportunities for the youth of Durham, North Carolina . We have since opened an agricultural academy which targets African American youth ranging from the ages of eleven to seventeen years old. We aim to improve the perception of STEM and agriculturally related professions, increase the dollars earned, improve career readiness skills, and improve school performance for our attendees.



A feature documentary film project following North America’s most iconic mammal, the American Bison (aka Buffalo). Featuring ranchers across the United States and Native American Territories, the documentary aims to highlight the history of Bison, the regenerative significance Bison has on our ecology, and the industry that has made it’s comeback both possible and sustainable.

Feature Film Website


NATIVE | Prodigies of an Icon

Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc. is currently working on the early stages of a Feature Film Documentary on America’s most iconic and regenerative mammal, the Bison. This film will have many off shoots of Bison Ranches in the farm series. The final documentary will cover the conservation of the American Bison, otherwise known as American Buffalo, and the industry that has made their comeback not only possible but sustainable.