Small Ag Marketing Assistance

Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc. works with Yanasa Ama Ventures, LLC to provide small farms and nonprofit businesses with video marketing assistance. This opportunity provides funding through the Yanasa Ama Ventures Co-Production program known as the YAR Discount Program. While the YAR Program works to reduce the cost of creating branded marketing videos for agricultural related businesses, Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc. assists with covering the costs of production normally billed to the business.

For Information on what may be covered or not covered visit our cinematography work flow page.

Agricultural Business Qualifications

Businesses and nonprofits must meet some or all of the criteria of our “Provisions for Nonprofit.”

Nonprofit Provisions

Must be a registered nonprofit in good standing with a qualified tax ID.

The nonprofit must contribute to one or more of the following areas:

1- Share with the public the lives, struggles, and efforts of small farmers and ranchers.

2- Educate the public on Sustainable, Regenerative, and Humane Agricultural Practices.

3- Provide a free marketing resource and exposure opportunity to the “Agripreneurs”  featured in the program.

4- Broaden the general publics’ understand of agriculture and the positive impacts that proper agricultural stewardship has on the economy, environment and our climate. 

5- Give other Agripreneurs ideas on how they can earn a successful income off their own farm. 

Income Qualification Restrictions:

Income levels and percentages of maximum expenses covered by Meet My Neighbor Productions:

Less than $30,000 – Up to 100%
30,000 to 50,000 – Up to 75%
50,000 to 70,000 – Up to 50%
70,000 to 100,000 – Up to 25%

Meet My Neighbor Productions does not current offer video marketing assistance to farms over $100,000 in net income. The above thresholds are based on maximum contributions from Meet My Neighbor Productions but are not guaranteed allotments, each farm is reviewed on a case by case basis. All nonprofits who are members of our partnership program are eligible for Meet My Neighbor Assistance.

Use of Service Restrictions:

Meet My Neighbor Productions is committed to accepting and funding as many projects as possible to achieve our nonprofits goals. However we may from time to time restrict the number of times an agricultural producer may use this service or the amount available to fund marketing videos depending on availability of funds.


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