Ag Film Production

As a producer, Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc. may from time to time contribute to, co-produce, or participate in agricultural films that support our overall purpose.

1- Share with the public the lives, struggles, and efforts of small farmers and ranchers.

2- Educate the public on Sustainable, Regenerative, and Humane Agricultural Practices.

3- Provide a free marketing resource and exposure opportunity to the “Agripreneurs”  featured in the program.

4- Broaden the general publics’ understand of agriculture and the positive impacts that proper agricultural stewardship has on the economy, environment and our climate. 

5- Give other Agripreneurs ideas on how they can earn a successful income off their own farm. 

For Information on how we collaborate on Feature Films visit our cinematography work flow page.

Other Productions partially produced through Meet My Neighbor Productions: