Raising Roots

Official MMNP Farm Series Season 1 Episode 1

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Occupation: Aquaponics, Produce, Butcher, Pasture Raised Pork
Feature: Pasture Raised Sustainable Pork
Location: Hickory North Carolina

Raising Roots Farm is a family owned and operated farm in Hickory, NC. They bring high quality food to their community through their quality produce, craft butchery and home delivery service. The family owned and operated farm is passionate about bringing the highest quality food they can create to their community. They strive for the best agricultural practices that produce the best eating experience for our customers and a net positive impact on the environment.

Bison Escape

Spring 2020 – Bison Escape with Trinity Bison Ranch and Buffalo Creek Vacations

Occupation: Bison Rancher / Agritourism
Feature: Building Agritourism around a small ranch concept.
Location: Smokey Mountains of North Carolina

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Raising Brahman

Fall 2019- Raising Brahmans with Briles Farm Brahmans

Occupation: Cattle Seed Stock
Feature: The Brahman Cattle Breed
Location: Piedmont Region of North Carolina

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Equine PEMF

Summer 2018 – Equine PEMF with Black Cat Ranch

Occupation: PEMF Therapist
Feature: Equine PEMF Therapy
Location: Sandhills Region of North Carolina