Sheepishly Cute

Meet My Neighbor Productions continued filming on Rising Meadow Farm in Liberty, North Carolina this week. The team was able to enjoy the incredibly cute additions to the farm as lambing season comes to an end.

Rising Meadow Farm

The Meet My Neighbor Production team began filming Rising Meadow Farm, a sheep farm in Liberty, North Carolina. Filming began on shearing day with Kevin Ford, a USA Team Sheep Shearer from Massachusetts. On shearing day 3 generations of Rising Meadow Farm came together to clean and harvest wool. Rising Meadow Farm will continue to be filmed throughout the spring.

“Yeah Farming Is In Trouble” Farmers Butcher Their Own

How to butcher a pig on the farm or homestead. During the COVID 19 Pandemic, Meet My Neighbor Productions participated in this unique opportunity to film a traditional “Hog Kill’n” in North Carolina. It’s not everyday you see neighbors and friends join together to participate in processing a few pigs for meat, however 40 years ago this would have been a regular occurrence. As food security becomes an issue of the present day and meat processing facilities face capacity issues, these long lost traditions may become invaluable for local food security.

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One of the unique benefits of Meet My Neighbor Productions is the lasting relationships we build with small farmers over the years.

Briles Farm appeared on Meet My Neighbor in 2020 and invited our co-producer back to create a short film about on farm Hog Butchering. While this short film was not a part of the Meet My Neighbor Productions program, the relationship they formed with our film crew, Yanasa Ama Ventures, made this film possible!

With over 60K views in five days Briles Farm benefited from a significant amount of exposure. We’re super excited to be apart of such an incredible team and foster relationships that promote and educate.

Watch the Briles Farm Meet My Neighbor Production:

On The Road with Meet My Neighbor Productions

On The Road with Meet My Neighbor Productions is a new “vlog” designed to help share our filming and productions experiences with our donors. These fun videos share the adventures of our film crew while giving a preview of what’s to come.

In our first ever On The Road “vlog” we cover a weekend trip filming the Secret Garden of Survival with Survivor Jane and The Survivalist Gardner Rick Austen as well as our initial visit to Raising Roots Farm.

On The Road With Meet My Neighbor Productions

A Great Week Filming

We had the opportunity to film three farms this past week. From Briles Farm in Trinity North Carolina and Raising Roots Farm in Hickory North Carolina, to The Secret Garden of Survival in the Appalachians. These episodes will cover a lot of material from permaculture food forests and aquaponics, to private meat processing facilities. Stay tuned for our upcoming travel blog to learn more!

Raising Roots Farm – Series Updates

Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc. will begin filming Raising Roots Farm for a Meet My Neighbor Episode between January and June 2021.

Raising Roots Farm lives by it’s name, raising roots through regenerative agriculture. From aquaponics to free range heritage breeds, Raising Roots has become a stable for sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices.

Following the 2020 COVID crisis, Raising Roots Farm has faced the food supply chain challenges head on by adding an onsite butcher shop to their operations which will be opening in 2021.

There’s a lot to cover with Raising Roots Farm and we’re excited to learn from them!

We will also be revisiting the Secret Garden of Survival with Survivalist Gardner Rick Austin and Survivor Jane (Jane Austin) to finalize filming of their “Nature Culture” food forest. We are expecting to air the Secret Garden in February 2021.

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2020 Prepper Camp

In September of 2020 Charlie spoke on the Right To Farm at the 2020 Prepper Camp hosted by Aleven Goats Media. It was his first time public speaking and likely had more gaffs then Joe Biden, but it was an enjoyable event and provided Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc. an initial public appearance.

We ran a raffle sponsored by multiple companies to raise funds for Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc. the initial raffle helped cover the costs of obtaining an event set up for future event participation, so for that we’d call it a success!

Special Thank You to our event planning and promotional products:

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Numerous Private Donors – Provided our tent system, funded our travel and accommodations, supplied promotional products, and made the event happen!

Special thank you to our raffle prize sponsors:

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The Secret Garden of Survival

Currently In Production

The Secret Food Forest (ESTIMATE RELEASE EARLY 2021)

In September 2020 we ventured deep into the Appalachian Mountains were we filmed Survivor Jane and Rick Austin, the Survivalist Gardner, with their Secret Survival Garden. This half acre food forest represents permaculture with a survivalist twist.

Rick and Jane are hosts of the largest Prepper gathering in the US known as Prepper Camp, where attendees can learn “Back To Basic” skills and develop knowledge of our changing world. The couple has also appeared on a number of TV Shows including National Geographic’s “Doomsday Preppers.”

Agripreneurial Occupation: Writers / Authors / Teachers
Feature Focus: Permaculture / Self-Sustainability
Location: Appalachian Mountains

This feature has been filmed and is currently in production.