Our Partners

Our Nonprofit works within the community to help achieve our goals. Below is a list of sponsors, partners, and groups Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc. supports.

General Fund Supporters

The following supporters provide general funding and support to Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc. for all our funding programs.

The Sustainable Stewards

The following virtuous stewards have contributed significantly to Meet My Neighbor Productions and help keep it producing through a significant yearly pledge.

Yanasa Ama Ventures, LLC


This Grant Program assists our nonprofit with a significant monthly advertising pledge for Google Search. We use the grant to attract Donors, stakeholders, partners, and offer additional advertising for our completed projects.

Business & Corporate Supporters

The following supporters have made a yearly pledge to help us educate and promote small agricultural producers.

Smithview Farm

Nonprofit Member Network

The following nonprofits are members of our nonprofit network. Members are offered unique opportunities to be involved in upcoming projects and films, work with Meet My Neighbor Productions on raising capital and co-producing films, as well as work together to promote a cause. Sign Up to be a part of our Nonprofit Member Network.

Eastern Brahman Breeders Association

Meet My Neighbor Series Sponsors

The following sponsors provide funds in exchange for promotional opportunities on the Meet My Neighbor Series. To learn more about promotional sponsorship opportunities, please download the attached PDF file:

FEATURE FILM SPONSORS – Business & Corporate Supporters of Feature Film Projects.

The Buffalo Wool Company
GOLD SPONSOR – NATIVE | Prodigies of an Icon

Rocky Mountain Natural Meats
Great Range Brand Bison
GOLD SPONSOR – NATIVE | The Prodigies of an Icon

Our Memberships

As a nonprofit, Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc. supports other nonprofits and organizations through membership programs.

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

Other Partnerships

The following organizations assist us with nonprofit benefits.