501(c)3 Status Update

Meet My Neighbor Productions is pleased to announce that we have received our IRS Letter 947 confirming our nonprofit status with the IRS!

All donations from September 2020 on are tax deductible under IRC Section 170.

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About Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc.

Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Corporation dedicated to promoting Agriculture through education and video marketing support of small farmers. All donations are tax deductible under IRC Section 170.

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The CARES Act of 2020 expires at midnight on New Year’s Eve. This means that with the expiration of 2020, taxpayers will lose some unique tax benefits. The CARES Act expands on existing charitable giving incentives, allowing taxpayers to take the standard deduction and also to deduct up to $300 in contributions to qualified organizations. What if everyone who views this video gave just $300? Think of the new opportunities Meet My Neighbor Productions could provide to farmers.

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2020 Prepper Camp

In September of 2020 Charlie spoke on the Right To Farm at the 2020 Prepper Camp hosted by Aleven Goats Media. It was his first time public speaking and likely had more gaffs then Joe Biden, but it was an enjoyable event and provided Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc. an initial public appearance.

We ran a raffle sponsored by multiple companies to raise funds for Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc. the initial raffle helped cover the costs of obtaining an event set up for future event participation, so for that we’d call it a success!

Special Thank You to our event planning and promotional products:

Wallcontrol – Provided our display board system.

Paw Prints Screen Printing – For Assisting with Discounted Screen Printing Services

Numerous Private Donors – Provided our tent system, funded our travel and accommodations, supplied promotional products, and made the event happen!

Special thank you to our raffle prize sponsors:

Wallcontrol – $150 Raffle Prize

Sunglife – Solar Powered Wifi Security Camera, Battery Powered High Speed Fan, Food Dehydrator, Emergency Radio (2), Vacuum Sealer

Iunio – Survival Shovel Kit, Gun Cleaning Kit

Kizer Knives – Pocket Knife

Ontario Knives – RAT 1 Model 1 Aus 8 Knife

The Secret Garden of Survival

Currently In Production

The Secret Food Forest (ESTIMATE RELEASE EARLY 2021)

In September 2020 we ventured deep into the Appalachian Mountains were we filmed Survivor Jane and Rick Austin, the Survivalist Gardner, with their Secret Survival Garden. This half acre food forest represents permaculture with a survivalist twist.

Rick and Jane are hosts of the largest Prepper gathering in the US known as Prepper Camp, where attendees can learn “Back To Basic” skills and develop knowledge of our changing world. The couple has also appeared on a number of TV Shows including National Geographic’s “Doomsday Preppers.”

Agripreneurial Occupation: Writers / Authors / Teachers
Feature Focus: Permaculture / Self-Sustainability
Location: Appalachian Mountains

This feature has been filmed and is currently in production.

Bison Escape

Spring 2020 – Bison Escape with Trinity Bison Ranch and Buffalo Creek Vacations

Occupation: Bison Rancher / Agritourism
Feature: Building Agritourism around a small ranch concept.
Location: Smokey Mountains of North Carolina

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRAJJ9TVuFk[/embedyt]

Production Photos:

Raising Brahman

Fall 2019- Raising Brahmans with Briles Farm Brahmans

Occupation: Cattle Seed Stock
Feature: The Brahman Cattle Breed
Location: Piedmont Region of North Carolina

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[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmvpk-0cu_g[/embedyt]

Production Photos:

Equine PEMF

Summer 2018 – Equine PEMF with Black Cat Ranch

Occupation: PEMF Therapist
Feature: Equine PEMF Therapy
Location: Sandhills Region of North Carolina

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMwW-Mx2Y8Q[/embedyt]