A sit down with Allan Savory

We just drove 12 hours to South Florida for a single interview… a very important interview with a very insightful man who can has helped shed the light on the importance of large ungulates in our ecosystem. 

When it comes to regenerative agriculture, Allan Savory literally wrote the book on understanding holistic management practices. Allan’s work is often misunderstood, not because of its complexity, but because what he is teaching has more to do with how to think, observe, and react. As Allan said in his interview, “there is no scientific process to holistic management.” 

Allan has studied ungulates from around the world, including the American Bison. From his studies he has concluded that large ungulates are natures tools for maintaining healthy soils, grasslands, and even forests. Allan’s description of the benefits of these animals on our ecosystem (or as he calls it eco-self) will be a part of the NATIVE film.

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MMNP 2021/2022 Farm Series

Meet My Neighbor Productions releases the season trailer for the Official Meet My Neighbor Farm Series. The first season of the farm series begins airing March 3, 2022 and runs weekly until all 2022 Episodes have aired.

Each Meet My Neighbor Farm Series episode features a productive farm that is practicing regenerative, sustainable, or humane agricultural practices. The Farm Series is free to watch on numerous platforms and intended to offer homesteaders and farmers inspiration, education, and ideas on supporting regenerative management practices, participating in local sustainable food systems, and embracing humane animal agriculture.

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Raising Roots

Official MMNP Farm Series Season 1 Episode 1

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[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taDALzJ-29c[/embedyt]

Occupation: Aquaponics, Produce, Butcher, Pasture Raised Pork
Feature: Pasture Raised Sustainable Pork
Location: Hickory North Carolina

Raising Roots Farm is a family owned and operated farm in Hickory, NC. They bring high quality food to their community through their quality produce, craft butchery and home delivery service. The family owned and operated farm is passionate about bringing the highest quality food they can create to their community. They strive for the best agricultural practices that produce the best eating experience for our customers and a net positive impact on the environment.

REDCO | Rosebud Economic Development Corporation

The Rosebud Economic Development Corporation also known as REDCO on the Rosebud Reservation is a corporation dedicated to economic development and food security for the Sicangu Lakota Oyate people of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe on the South Dakota Rosebud Reservation.

REDCO uses a community garden to help educate as well as assist tribe members with establishing their own self sufficient gardens. The corporation is also currently working on establishing the largest tribal owned herd of buffalo in the nation.

REDCO’s herd will appear in the documentary NATIVE | The Prodigies of an Icon a documentary about the American Buffalo and will also be featured in the Meet My Neighbor Farm Series.

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Dakota Pure Bison Wood, South Dakota

Dakota Pure Bison is part of the Assman Family farming operations in Wood South Dakota along the Rosebud Reservation. The family has farmed the land for four generations and is currently transitioning from organic produce and cattle to primarily Bison. Dakota Pure will appear in the Meet My Neighbor Productions American Bison Documentary as well as have their family farm featured in a Farm Series episode.

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Durham Ranch Wright, Wyoming

Durham Ranch is a 55,000 Acre ranch home to a herd of 2,000 to 3,000 head of Bison in Wright, Wyoming run by the Flochinni family. Durham ranch will appear in the Meet My Neighbor Productions NATIVE | The Prodigies of an Icon a documentary film about the American Buffalo as well as have their ranch featured in an upcoming Meet My Neighbor Farm Documentary.

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Shoshone Tribe Buffalo Herd Wind River Reservation Wyoming

A unique twist to the Meet My Neighbor Productions Farm Series, the Shoshone land reclamation along the Wind River in Wyoming. Jason Baldes, the Tribal Buffalo Coordinator for the National Wildlife Foundation, is currently working on raising capital to reclaim land along the Wind River that was lost to the reservation many years ago. His goal is to repopulate the land with natural wildlife, including the American Buffalo, which will be managed through the reservations Game Code.

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Memphis Ranch Carr, CO.

Meet My Neighbor Productions will be adding Memphis Ranch to the winter 2021|2022 farm series. Memphis Ranch is a first generation Bison ranch on the Front Range of Colorado in a small town called Carr Colorado.

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