Team Members

Shauna Rankin

Chief Operating Officer
Board Member Joint Chair

Producer, Yanasa Ama Ventures, LLC
Co-Owner, Yanasa Ama Ranch in Goldston NC.

Charlie Rankin

Chief Financial Officer
Board Member Joint Chair

Producer, Yanasa Ama Ventures, LLC
Co-Owner, Yanasa Ama Ranch in Goldston NC.

Kaya Equevilley

Executive Assistant & Social Media Coordinator

About The Founders:

Charlie & Shauna Rankin

Charlie & Shauna are advocates for responsible, humane, and locally sourced agriculture.

In 2018 Shauna and Charlie started an agricultural videography company filming events and marketing videos for agricultural producers. In addition, Charlie and Shauna decided to create a series called “Meet My Neighbor”‘ to generate additional content of interest for viewers while sharing Agricultural Concepts they loved.

The Meet My Neighbor Series was a self funded program created from proceeds made from Yanasa Ama Ventures.

In 2019 they decided to offer a co-production option to reduce costs for agricultural clients by managing the social media distribution of videos in the program and use royalties to offset the costs of production. The program has been a success and uses a larger network of distribution to help attract viewers and potential customers for their clients.

Why they started Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc. a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

In 2020, Charlie and Shauna began receiving calls from all over the country asking for assistance in video marketing. Producers who had traditionally relied upon restaurants and other retailers to sell their products needed other ways to reach their end user. The issue is that even with their co-production program, agricultural producers were in a crunch and unable to afford their share of the program.

As the year dragged on Charlie and Shauna noticed that impacts from the pandemic, social disrupters, and political agendas were beginning to take a toll on the industry they loved and admired. They believe action is necessary to defend our small farmers.

Defining A Cause

Reflecting on the programs they had started over the years the couple realized that what they really loved doing was sharing and empowering agricultural producers who are good stewards and sustainably forward looking thinkers. But funding productions from discounted services wasn’t adequate to increase production and awareness for their cause. They felt limited on subjects they could film, and they wanted to help those who were struggling to afford quality marketing services.

They decided to create Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc. as a nonprofit producer to cover part of the costs of filming. As a nonprofit, Meet My Neighbor Productions has a more directed mission and criteria for the films it funds.

Charlie and Shauna believe that the agricultural industry must reposition itself to adapt to a changing climate of growing regulation and social influencers. The industry will need to focus more on regenerative practices that create sustainable organic farming models as well as emphasize animal welfare. This is the future of agriculture and farms or ranches that are able to do so will have an incredible opportunity to bring quality products to the market at a profitable price.

Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc. is on a mission to ensure that small farmers remain a distinctive part of our global food and product supply. By using social media and public broadcasting the nonprofit aims to influence and protect agriculture through video and film production. The nonprofit’s programs educate the public on where their food and goods come from and which production practices are acceptable. While also offering farmers and ranchers innovative ideas, training, and educational resources to adapt and market themselves in a changing market. The nonprofit also supports producers through video marketing.