THIS IS BIG! We Need Everyone On-Board

THIS IS BIG! | We Need Everyone On-Board

This specific donation request goes towards a Mobile Production Vehicle.

In the event the nonprofits needs are miraculously met through alternative means (like a full on RV or camper donation) funds raised will be attributed to the nonprofits general operating fund.

We’ve currently been looking into an “operating” vintage Airstream. While the nonprofit realizes the maintenance issues with older RV’s can be expensive our boards assessments on production expenses suggest even a fixer upper will ultimately significantly reduce costs allowing our mission to reach further and make a larger impact with each dollar recieved.

As of Posting the nonprofit has raised $1300 towards this project. A minimum of $10,000 is required to find a “doable” vehicle.

The Good Beef

Grass-Fed Beef is growing in demand, but what many consumers may not understand is that all beef is grass-fed and most beef is grain finished. But not at Smithview Farm in Pittsboro, North Carolina. Smithview Farm prides themselves on quality pasture raised angus beef that is not only raised on pasture but finished on pasture. Meet My Neighbor Productions began filming this week on Smithview Farm and is excited to announce this upcoming feature production.

A Bull Goes To Town

Yanasa Ama Ventures, LLC the Meet My Neighbor Productions videographer participated in a documentary on Briles Farm (a previous Meet My Neighbor Feature) where Cyana Briles worked to full fill her dream of training Spartacus her 1850 American Brahman Bull, to ride.

The documentary will feature Exotic Animal Trainer, Terri Lindley from Oklahoma.

Sheepishly Cute

Meet My Neighbor Productions continued filming on Rising Meadow Farm in Liberty, North Carolina this week. The team was able to enjoy the incredibly cute additions to the farm as lambing season comes to an end.

A Week On The Road

Meet My Neighbor Productions spent a week on the road filming, from Smithview Farm in Pittsboro, NC to Briles Farm in Trinity, NC.